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Boost your revenue with SmartGuide and earn more with RateHawk’s affiliate program

Are you ready to revolutionize the way your travel agency generates income? To succeed in the ever-changing travel industry, it’s important to consistently offer value to our customers. But what if we could offer increased value to our customers, allowing them to get the most and the best out of their travel experiences while boosting our revenue? It might sound too good to be true, but it’s not. When you adapt your business and grow with the industry, it’s possible to generate more income while providing more value to your customers and building their trust. 

A Travel agent planning a tour for a visitor

How can my travel agency boost its revenue?

There are many ways in which your travel business can boost revenue. Most importantly, growth happens when businesses stay ahead of their competition and offer their customers value beyond what they can find elsewhere. Your business can do this through the following:

1. Start a blog: Did you know that travel companies who post regularly on their blog generate up to 67% more leads per month? It makes sense when you think about it. Customers buy stories. When they read travel tips, lists of top destinations to visit, and trending travel topics, they get inspired, and the result is they end up booking or enquiring more about your packages. 

You can boost the revenue brought in by your blog even more when you incorporate affiliate links, but we’ll get into that later in the article. 

2. Get active on social media: Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and even Pinterest hold the key to your business connecting with more of your ideal customers. There are over a billion active users across these platforms, most of whom might not have even heard of your business. You can change that when you curate your socials to attract your audience. Share links to your blog posts, share pictures regularly, and, most importantly, engage with your audience with comments and likes. 

Again, you can generate even more income when you share affiliate links on your socials too. 

3. Create a digital travel guide

Streamline your tours with digital travel guides on SmartGuide. SmartGuide transforms travelers' experience of destinations through engaging and informative digital audio guides. SmartGuide is the world's #1 digital audio guide that turns every phone or tablet into a personal travel guide. It offers a user-friendly, multi-language audio tour system that empowers destinations and travel businesses to help visitors explore thousands of attractions around the world. The guides hold special features, including self-guided audio tours, offline maps, and multimedia experiences (including AR) that point out interesting sights and play engaging stories as they walk around. With over 100,000 top tourist spots covered, SmartGuide guarantees extensive global coverage.

Turn your travel content into an immersive digital guide

SmartGuide brings significant benefits to destinations and travel businesses that want to create and implement digital travel guides:

  • No maintenance costs: SmartGuide eliminates the need for additional expenses in maintaining digital guides.
  • Multilingual support: SmartGuide supports 102 languages, including Chinese, French, German, Spanish, English, Hindi, and many more, enabling the creation of guides in diverse languages to cater to a global audience.
  • Free AI-powered CMS: SmartGuide offers a free content management system (CMS) with advanced features like AI-powered text-to-speech and auto-translation, or multi-layered regional tours, making it easy to localize content and create region-specific guides.
  • Detailed data insights: SmartGuide's big data dashboards provide accurate and detailed insights into visitor behavior, including demographics, acquisition channels, and popular tours/places.
  • Expert data analysis: SmartGuide offers expert data analysis services, helping destinations better understand their visitors and optimize their marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Destination marketing services: SmartGuide provides destination marketing services and expert consultations to support destinations in effectively promoting their offerings.
  • POI advertising: Travel businesses can take advantage of POI Advertising with SmartGuide to promote their offerings (contact us for more information).
  • SmartGuide AI: Recently launched innovative addition to SmartGuide’s platform offers AI-powered personalized recommendations to travelers. This advancement aims to provide travelers with a truly customized personal guide and help destinations with sustainable tourism by distributing tourists from hotspots to less visited places.

4. Create an affiliate marketing strategy

Let’s find out more about affiliate marketing. Affiliate revenue is a surefire way to boost your income as a travel services provider. You gain access to millions in untapped revenue when you implement an affiliate marketing strategy.

Affiliate income can be built in various ways by implementing different types of links through your website, blog, and even social media. Enhancing your revenue stream while providing your customers with exceptional experiences is crucial for your success in the travel industry.

When you combine SmartGuide’s incredible digital audio tours and RateHawk’s streamlined Affiliate Program, you provide your customers with carefully curated and unique experiences when they book hotels, and your business generates more income!

When you book hotels through RateHawk, you will be guided to ZenHotels online hotel booking site for individual travelers. RateHawk and ZenHotels are operated by Emerging Travel — an online travel group that develops products to help customers select and book all types of accommodation from over 2+ M options in 220 countries.

Maximize revenue with the RateHawk affiliate program

RateHawk is an online booking tool that provides travel industry professionals access to a multi-product service where they can book everything they need for a journey, from hotels to transfers and everything in between. 

This multi-product booking platform offers comprehensive services for travel agents and travel agencies

  • 2 000,000+ hotels, guest houses, apartments, and hostels. 
  • 70,000+ direct contracts with hotels. 
  • Air tickets from 350 airlines worldwide (up to 9 passengers in a single booking). 
  • Profitable rates from direct contracts and 180+ hotel suppliers, consolidators, OTAs and DMCs. 

RateHawk Affiliate Program

But that’s not all the benefits you gain from using RateHawk. They also have a competitive affiliate program open to travel businesses and professionals. Whether your business has its own website and blog or you are a passionate travel blogger, the RateHawk Affiliate Program empowers you to maximize your revenue and earn more money with your existing content. 

By becoming part of the affiliate program, you can leverage the following advantages:

1. Easy integration: Seamlessly integrate the RateHawk hotel content via ZenHotels into your website.

With RateHawk’s affiliate tools you can monetize your traffic effortlessly. You can add them to your social media channels, expanding your reach and revenue potential.

2. Commission earnings: Earn commissions for every successful booking made through your website. As travelers utilize the convenient booking services offered by RateHawk, you generate revenue effortlessly.

With seamless integration and easy access to a vast inventory of hotels, you can maximize your commission earnings and boost your revenue streams.

Sounds good! How can I integrate the RateHawk affiliate program?

Integrating RateHawk affiliates into your content can be done in a few different ways. We have adapted our tools to suit any business or individual so that you can benefit from our program in the way that best suits your business. Our affiliate tools range from simple to advanced and include:

`1. Referral links: These are quick and easy to install. Copy them from the RateHawk affiliate dashboard and paste them into your website or social media! You don’t need to contact us or an account manager to support you with this. This can be completed in just a few minutes after you’ve signed up for our program!

RateHawk Referral link generator

2. Widgets: Again, these are quick to install and start using. RateHawk has designed them, and they are ready to be pasted into your website without you needing any web design or development knowledge! 

Zen Hotels widget for booking

3. White label: This is a medium-level affiliate tool and takes a few weeks to implement. These can be custom-designed by you when you choose the color scheme, logo, and background layout. But still, no need for your own development – RateHawk takes care of this for you. 

4. API: This is our most advanced affiliate tool and can take a few months to implement. This allows you to integrate our platform into your website but retain your custom design and the entire process from user path, search, and payment. 

Choose any of these affiliate solutions and start earning commission with hotel and travel bookings!

To get started with the RateHawk Affiliate Program, follow these simple steps:

1. Register an account at RateHawk, choosing the “Traffic monetization” option during registration.

Registering account with RateHawk

2. Log in to your account and navigate to the “Links and widgets” section. You can create referral links or widgets that drive bookings and generate commissions from there.  

RateHawk Links Generator

Contact your account manager for options like white label or API integration if you prefer a customized solution. These medium and advanced tools offer additional advantages, such as custom design options and the ability to build your user path, search logic, and payment flow.

3. Finish the integration process and start earning commissions for hotel bookings. Once a month, you will receive a commission statement. Simply confirm it and get paid, further boosting your revenue.

By integrating RateHawk's Affiliate Program into your platform, you provide your customers with a seamless booking experience and open up new revenue opportunities for your business. 

Value loop

Combining the RateHawk Affiliate Program with SmartGuide immersive guides can inspire your customers to book trips and download a unique audio guide for a city walk! 

With RateHawk and SmartGuide, you can build a line of valuable products offered to your customers at the right time. First, they’ve booked the hotel, and as the date of their trips gets closer and their excitement builds, you provide them with a travel guide. This creates a value loop for you and your customers. You anticipate your customers' needs and provide value that competitors can’t offer while at the same time, you generate additional revenue. It’s a win-win! 

What’s best, you can grow your income without increasing the prices your customers pay, and in return, you provide the information your customers need to get the best out of their new destinations. 

Join the RateHawk Affiliate Program and integrate SmartGuide Audio Guides into your content today!