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How to create a digital audio guide for your destination in a breeze

Each destination deserves to be promoted in the best possible way and each place has its own interesting story which deserves to be explored. Even on a low or non-existent budget, destinations can make themselves shine and provide their visitors with an immersive and innovative tourist experience. How? With a digital audio guide.

Our digital guide platform turns every phone into a personal audio guide. Contact us

Why your destination needs a digital guide

COVID-19 challenged the traditional experience for tourists and pushed destinations to be more creative to stay on top of the new travel trends. Tourists prefer to travel alone instead of using travel agencies. They prefer less visited places to those that are overcrowded. And most importantly, people discovered that with all the technology and digital content available, they could go on self-guided tours and discover new places on their own.

It's time to consider what your destination has to offer to tourists in order to meet the new reality in travel.

Providing your visitors with a digital audio guide they could download to their phones is a quick win. It allows travelers to explore your destination COVID-safe and promotes your destination to the world.

A digital guide published in an hour? Yes, you can

Luckily, all the technology to publish your digital guide already exists.
SmartGuide is a global ready-built platform where you can easily create and publish a digital audio guide on your own, in a matter of hours.

SmartGuide’s mission is to turn every tourist into an explorer with all the important destinations of the world in their pocket. We want people to truly understand the places and cultures they visit and help destinations to be more visible at the same time.

We also understand how challenging it might be to recover after the difficult years of pandemics. That’s why everybody has access to the self-service SmartGuide content management system (CMS).

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What is SmartGuide CMS and why to use it

With its intuitive content management system (CMS), SmartGuide allows you to create and edit your own audio tour guides quickly and efficiently.

Publishing audio tours via SmartGuide CMS will help you to:

  • Attract more visitors to your destination
  • Create an interesting and valuable experience for your visitors
  • Restart your travel business after the pandemic in an innovative way
  • Give your visitors the opportunity to explore all the points of interest they want
  • Attract more tourists to hidden gems and less visited places in need of tourism revenue
  • Make the visit more meaningful and rewarding for both tourists and local communities
  • Be flexible about the content updates - unlike print, a digital guide can be upgraded anytime and the entire world can see it
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How to create a digital guide in 6 easy steps

Publishing a digital guide has never been easier:

  1. Go to and register your account
  2. Add your destination
  3. Create new places or update the already existing ones. Describe them to your visitors as much as you want
  4. Automatically generate an audio guide from your text or upload your own
  5. Create a tour of your places if you want
  6. Save it. Done!

You can do all this in less than 60 minutes and have your new digital guide published within a few hours. We’ve already developed all the technology you need. And our IT department makes sure that the app is always up to date.

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Also, looking to get additional features, such as a live big data analytics dashboard, customized phonemes for audio, offline, and ad-free Premium tours, in-app promotion of your destination, or priority support?