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Interact with your visitors through custom quizzes and surveys within SmartGuide's travel guide app

Enhancing the connection between travelers and their chosen destinations is essential for a memorable journey. That's where digital platforms for independent tourists like SmartGuide step in, offering a range of features designed to increase visitor interaction, such as custom quizzes and surveys. With these tools at their disposal, destinations, attractions, travel businesses, and tour operators can actively engage with their audience like never before.


SmartGuide interaction with customer via quizzes

Karlovy Vary created an innovative knowledge quiz at the Castle Tower, designed specifically for engaging young explorers.

Merging quizzes and surveys into SmartGuide's user interface and content

To access quizzes within the SmartGuide app, visitors can navigate to the designated tab or click on a provided link within the content. Quizzes are conveniently accessible both within the app itself and through the web interface.

SmartGuide offers app users the option to answer multiple-choice questions with both text and image inputs, adding an extra layer of engagement and interactivity. This enables them to express their preferences, opinions, and knowledge in a dynamic and visually appealing manner.

Setting up, maintaining, and evaluating quizzes and surveys within SmartGuide is made effortless with the integration of SurveyMonkey. This powerful tool streamlines the entire process, allowing content creators to easily create and manage quizzes and surveys.


SmartGuide interactive digital guide


How do quizzes and surveys elevate visitors' interest?

Beyond simply providing information, interactive quizzes, and surveys can enhance digital guides with the following benefits:

1. Increased engagement and interaction

Quizzes can offer an active and adventurous exploration for visitors. They can engage them with trivia about landmarks, historical figures, or local lore. For instance, City Game Quizzes, such as scavenger hunts, can keep tourists involved in the tour through riddles, bonus points, and different challenges. This boosts participation, making sightseeing more exciting and turning it into a thrilling game.
A good example is Carlsbad's Castle Tower tours published on SmartGuide, which caters to diverse demographics by providing separate tours and quizzes for adults and children, tailoring the trips to their interests. Children's tours offer activities such as finding hidden objects, and adults' tours have more sophisticated questions on history, architecture, or culture.

2. Feedback from visitors

Quizzes and surveys help tourism entities to gain real-time insights into their visitors' preferences. This information is valuable in creating personalized experiences for future visitors. By tapping into this knowledge, destinations and attractions can understand what matters the most to their visitors. Ask visitors about their experience: Did they enjoy the exhibition? Was the tour too crowded? Were there sustainable options available? This valuable input allows destinations to continuously improve, adjust routes, and offer greener alternatives, all based on real user data.

For example, the Singapore National Heritage Board wanted to collect relevant visitor feedback and suggestions to achieve ongoing improvement and sustainable tourism. For this, the board used SmartGuide to introduce 9 heritage trail tours with hidden stories around Singapore and custom questionnaires to collect visitor feedback. This feedback played a vital role in identifying areas for improvement, allowing the team to make necessary adjustments and enhancements to the guide app’s content.


SmartGuide's custom questionnaires enabled the Singapore National Heritage Board to refine its content based on user feedback, fostering a more engaging and sustainable tourism experience by highlighting Singapore's lesser-known attractions.


3. Educational purposes

Quizzes are not just entertaining; they also provide educational value to visitors. Instant feedback with explanations for correct and incorrect answers in quizzes enriches their learning. Visitors can solidify their knowledge and gain new insights, making the tour both enjoyable and intellectually stimulating.

4. Rewards and recognition

Motivate exploration by offering perks and gifts for quiz achievements, such as digital badges, points redeemable for discounts, or freebies like coffee. Incentives like city cards, museum passes, or discounts at local shops add another layer of engagement and anticipation, encouraging visitors to explore the destination more deeply.

By leveraging these features of tour guide apps such as SmartGuide, destinations, attractions, and tourism businesses can offer more inspiring exposure to any demographics while gathering valuable feedback for continuous improvement.

Travelers complete the questionnaire.

SmartGuide's quiz functionalities and pricing structure

The SmartGuide platform offers a range of customizable elements for surveys and quizzes to its B2B customers such as destinations, attractions, tour operators, or travel businesses.

Here are other important points to consider:

  • Quizzes are exclusively designed to operate online (an internet connection is required).
  • It's possible to set up quizzes to require all responses and restrict the number of attempts per participant.
  • Comprehensive analytics of quiz results are available within SurveyMonkey, providing valuable insights into visitors’ performance and engagement.
  • The cost for creating a custom destination info tab hosting a survey or a quiz on SmartGuide is €940. Additionally, the creation of the actual survey incurs an extra cost unless it is conducted and managed by the customer.

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The integration of quizzes and surveys into digital guides has become a must-have for engaging travelers, creating impactful interactions, and getting relevant feedback. SmartGuide's unique offerings enable destinations, attractions, tour operators, and travel businesses to boost visitor engagement by gathering valuable insights into the visitor's participation.

Want to learn more about how to enrich your visitors' journey with quizzes and surveys?