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Tour operators and travel agencies can reduce the costs of hiring tour guides through digital audio guiding apps

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What is SmartGuide?

SmartGuide is an app for travel agencies that turns every traveler’s phone into a personal tour guide in their pocket. It is the fastest and cheapest way to add self-guided tours to your offerings for customers.

SMG device screen template (80)Guided tours can help tourists get the most out of any destination, but did you know that the majority of tourists don’t actually take tours?

Top reasons why tourists don’t take tours

Tourists prefer flexibility and freedom. They don’t want to have to show up at a fixed time and place and follow the tour. Also, if the tour is not in their native language or within their budget, they might not be able to take a tour. Tourists are also afraid of large crowds and using things like unhygienic audio guide systems because it can increase their risk of Covid-19.

Tourists are interested in learning more about your destination, but they prefer to explore independently.

The good news is that SmartGuide helps you better serve more tourists at your attraction and make tours a more attractive option.


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Enhance your customer offerings and make tours more attractive with SmartGuide

SmartGuide is an app for travel agencies that solves these issues and makes tours more attractive for a wider variety of travelers.

The app provides features such as self-guided audio tours, offline maps that can be accessed anytime, and augmented reality features that allow tourists to explore independently at their own pace, anytime they like.

The audio guided tours are available in many languages, so tourists can always get guided in their native language and don’t need to worry about finding a tour in their language.

Many guides are free, so a digital self-guided tour will fit any tourist’s budget.

SmartGuide will also decrease the risk of Covid-19, as it is designed to guide travelers away from the crowds and keep them safe. SmartGuide is a safe, contactless guide system so travelers only need to interact with their smartphone. They can easily avoid unhygienic audio guides and maintain a safe distance.

The SmartGuide app fully complies with the recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control. The SmartGuide app is also proud to have been awarded the Seal of Excellence in Covid-19 Response by the European Commission.

SmartGuide - Seal of Excellence

Get started with SmartGuide for free today!

Is your travel agency ready to join the future of travel? Infact, travel businesses can boost revenues with private guided tours!

Join SmartGuide today and start offering amazing guides to your customers in a matter of days. Contact us to create your own guided tour in our content management system. You can create your guided tour yourself for free, or we are happy to have our experts create a guided tour for you for a fee.

Once you publish your guide, you can start offering it to travelers. You can provide your guides for free or sell them for extra revenue. We help with marketing through widgets, links, and QR codes for tourists.

There are no costs for you! SmartGuide just shares your revenues. By default, attractions with our digital audio guides get 70% of the revenues, with higher shares available at higher tourist volumes.

Get up and running fast with your own guided tour on SmartGuide and grow your tourist business. Our platform is infinitely scalable, and you can always add more tours, and more languages, and enhance the tourist experience. Use our GDPR-compliant analytics to improve the experience and enhance your offerings to customers.

Check out our video presentation or request a demo to learn more:


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