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Most popular digital audio guide platform in 2023

As of 2023, SmartGuide is the most popular platform for digital audio guides with over 700 content creators. SmartGuide now features digital audio guides for over 700 destinations all around the world, where we have guided over 700,000 independent travelers already.


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Who are the SmartGuide audio guide app users

There are now over 700.000 travelers who have been using SmartGuide to become explorers and embark on self-guided tours around the top tourist sights as well as hidden local gems.

The SmartGuide users are mid or high-income travelers mainly from western countries across all age groups (the average age of SmartGuide users is 44). They are used to the concept of traditional tour guides and want to learn more, but prefer flexibility and independence overcrowded tour groups.

Visitors to museums and exhibitions in Central Europe have also become explorers with SmartGuide. This includes children, who use the SmartGuide app to enjoy museum tours with the digital audio guide content tailored to kids.

SmartGuide users generally like travel apps such as Google Maps,, or TripAdvisor and expect to have a tour guide in an app as well.

SmartGuide big data analytics for destinations

Who are the content creators on the SmartGuide platform

SmartGuide is a platform for digitizing tour guides and is used by national and regional tourist boards, destination management organizations, both outdoor and indoor tourist attractions, hop-on-hop-off tour operators, or private tour guides.

Historians and academics are content creators too, especially in the case of museum audio guides and tours on specialized exhibitions. The most senior content creator on the SmartGuide platform is actually a 75-year-old university professor.

The most productive content creator on the SmartGuide platform has created 700+ places in 3 languages so far. Sounds impossible? It actually takes less than 60 minutes to create an audio guide on SmartGuide.

And it can take as little as 8 hours from opening the SmartGuide Content management system for the very first time until having a guide verified and published live on SmartGuide.

Which destinations are on the SmartGuide platform

Tourist destinations on the SmartGuide audio guide platform

Many UNESCO sites, Switzerland Tourism, the city of Prague, Singapore National Heritage Board, the entire country of Kyrgyzstan, or Pilsner Urquell already use SmartGuide as their official app to guide tourists.

There are audio guides available for most of the Czech Republic, including small destinations.

SmartGuide GPS heatmaps of tourist behavior in destinations

Multilingual audio guides with immersive self-guided tours are available for Rome, Paris, Athens, Lisbon, Berlin, Venice, Vienna, Amsterdam, and over 700 destinations that are currently on SmartGuide, primarily in Europe and the USA. These destinations consist of stories about tens of thousands of places of interest.

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