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How to promote a single point of interest to individual travelers in a digital travel guide of a destination

Point of Interest (POI) advertising in SmartGuide is a powerful tool for travel businesses to strategically target locations and attract more individual travelers. It enables a smooth connection between travel businesses and their target audience. Whether you're a bustling city cafe, a remote mountain cabin, or a culturally rich museum, highlighting yourself as a point of interest on SmartGuide can greatly improve your place's visibility to digitally engaged travelers.

Let's unpack how businesses can tap into this potential and the benefits they stand to gain with SmartGuide's POI advertising.

Understanding SmartGuide's POI advertising service

POI advertising enables various tourist attractions or businesses (like specific stores, restaurants, malls, hotels, etc.) to visibly highlight and promote themselves on the SmartGuide platform and attract already engaged tourists already using the SmartGuide app in a destination.

SmartGuide promotes a single Point of Interest in a digital travel guide of a Prague

Thanks to visitor-generated big data like content consumption habits, location history, demographics, and preferences, SmartGuide knows exactly where visitors move and who they are, and can help travel businesses deliver location-based advertising on SmartGuide that is relevant and helps attract visitors.

Incorporating POI advertising into your tourism marketing strategy ensures your message reaches the visitors when they walk by, ready to explore - and buy. With POI advertising, you can precisely target visitors and also gain valuable visitor insights into their preferences.

Using this unorthodox advertising channel within the world's leading digital audio tour guide app helps travel businesses efficiently reach out to visitors who might otherwise remain undiscovered.

What is POI data and how does SmartGuide analyze user behavior and engagement?

SmartGuide uses POI data to analyze user behavior and engagement in various locations. It represents this data through a GPS heatmap, showcasing the volume of user traffic in different areas within a destination. This heatmap aids travel businesses in identifying high-traffic areas, helping them decide where to advertise. For travel businesses, this is a critical advantage as it presents an existing traffic pattern in their locale, a percentage of which could be redirected to their establishments via strategic advertising.

Benefits of using POI advertising for targeting travelers

By leveraging SmartGuide's big data and POI advertising, businesses in the travel sector can enhance their tourism marketing strategies and elevate overall visitor experiences. Here are some key advantages of POI advertising for travel businesses:

  1. Targeted advertising: Travel businesses can customize ads to target visitors with relevant offers at the right time and place (great for seasonal offerings).
  2. Cost-effectiveness: SmartGuide offers more affordable ad rates, enabling travel businesses, big or small, to make the most of their advertising budget. This cost-effectiveness, coupled with high engagement rates, makes SmartGuide a wise investment for businesses looking to maximize their ROI.
  3. Customized travel Itineraries: Travel businesses can create personalized travel itineraries for visitors based on their preferences and include their POI on a tour. This tour can e.g. help tourists answer important questions about the nearby location, tourist attractions, and their operating hours.
  4. Enhanced marketing strategy: With location-based advertisements and more targeted campaigns, travel businesses can improve their tourism marketing strategies. By delivering the most appropriate message, attracting new clients, and increasing revenues and brand value, businesses can stay ahead in the competitive travel industry.
  5. Improved visitor experience: POI advertising facilitates interaction between consumers and travel businesses in the physical world. This involves improving in-store or on-site traffic and optimizing the visitor experience for enhanced results.
  6. Increased sales: Location-based advertising has proven to be highly effective in increasing sales for travel businesses
    (For instance: Imagine a visitor at a tourist attraction, fully engrossed in a digital audio tour on SmartGuide. Suddenly, the craving for a cup of coffee strikes. Instead of searching manually or asking others, the visitor can simply spot a nearby cafe on the app itself. The convenience of location-based advertising enhances the overall travel experience, making it easier to satisfy spontaneous desires, thereby garnering more footfalls as well as contributing to sales.)

SmartGuide = A powerful and cost-effective tool for effective POI promotion

When it comes to promoting places of interest to tourists, SmartGuide stands as a beacon of efficiency and affordability. With a confident and professional approach, SmartGuide offers businesses the opportunity to highlight their unique offerings through a super-cost-effective model on a monthly basis. This option provides a fast track to enhanced visibility and increased foot traffic - a proven strategy that some of the satisfied partners can attest to.

SmartGuide's approach to promoting a single POI begins with its visually appealing in-app interface. The SmartGuide destination map displays a host of POIs for users to explore, with each sponsored POI highlighted and marked. When exploring the map of Prague using the SmartGuide tour guide app, you'll find a vibrant "Featured" section on the home screen. It showcases a wide array of restaurants, cafes, and attractions, ranging from the iconic Hard Rock Cafe to the thrilling Prague Fear House and the Palladium Shopping Centre. Similarly, while navigating through a picturesque city like Karlovy Vary, you'll come across two intriguing points of interest marked with "Smart Tip" icons. Each POI is accompanied by an enticing icon and a brief description, inviting users to deep dive and rejoice in these remarkable locations firsthand.

Hard Rock Cafe in Prague

This approach to POI advertising not only enriches the visitor experience but also offers businesses a cost-effective way to enhance visibility and reach out to digitally engaged visitors. For a reasonable monthly fee of €100, businesses can tap into this potential and significantly boost their visibility to people who are all ready to spend money and enjoy their location.

Hard Rock Cafe - SmartGuide POI Advertising

With SmartGuide, your business gets access to a diverse range of target markets. Whether you're promoting a city restaurant or a serene mountain retreat, SmartGuide has the right audience for you. Unlike Google Ads, which casts a wide net, SmartGuide offers targeted exposure to tourists and travelers who are actively seeking new experiences. This precision targeting can result in better conversion rates and more return customers.

SmartGuide also provides a reliable backup option for POI promotion

However, not all businesses may be ready to invest immediately. For them, SmartGuide offers a fallback option - the ability to log into the free Content Management System (CMS) and create a tour around a destination that contains their POI to promote it to visitors. While this option may not provide the immediate benefits of the paid model, it serves as an effective stepping stone toward more advanced promotional strategies. Take for instance: Hotel Cube.

In a crowded landscape of hotels and tourist attractions in Prague, Hotel Cube needed to distinguish itself from its competitors. SmartGuide's rich multimedia content allowed Hotel Cube to highlight itself as a POI for visitors exploring Prague. It can showcase its history, distinctive architecture, and design elements, creating a memorable experience for visitors. The platform provided visually appealing images, videos, and audio descriptions to captivate guests and display the hotel's unique identity.

SmartGuide Digital Tour Guide app showing Hotel CUBE

Promoting a single POI with SmartGuide - Fast-track your way to success!

SmartGuide's out-of-the-box approach to POI promotion has birthed numerous success stories. For instance, the Hard Rock Cafe in Prague has seen increased visitor engagement since it began leveraging SmartGuide's POI advertising. The app's ability to provide visitors with instant, location-specific information about the cafe, its offerings, and hours of operation, has effectively drawn in patrons, boosting sales and augmenting the cafe's visibility.

Similarly, The Prague Fear House, The Spot café, Palladium Shopping Centre, and the Fashion Arena Prague Outlet have all benefited from this targeted advertising strategy, experiencing an uptick in footfall. These examples illustrate the potential of POI advertising with SmartGuide, presenting a compelling case for businesses in the travel sector to take advantage of this powerful advertising channel.

Palladium Shopping Centre promotes itself as a single Point of Interest in a SmartGuide digital travel guide of Prague

By drawing attention to lesser-known attractions and establishments, SmartGuide has diversified visitor traffic patterns and led to increased patronage of these businesses, contributing positively to the local economy.

SmartGuide has diverted traffic based on data analytics and GPS heatmaps to promote single POISmartGuide leads traffic to good local businesses

Key takeaways

Promoting POIs in a digital travel guide offers numerous benefits to both visitors and businesses in the travel industry. Promoting single POIs in a digital travel guide to already engaged individual travelers on location cannot be underestimated.

Don't miss out on the chance to increase your visibility, attract more visitors, and boost your sales.

Start your journey with SmartGuide now!