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SmartGuide introduces a brand-new subscription model for users

SmartGuide digital audio guide platform has rolled out an exciting new subscription model. This fresh approach aims to reshape access to premium content, offering scope and depth in visitors’ encounters while introducing a new revenue-sharing mechanism for authors. This model not only promises expanded visibility for their work but also opens up avenues for additional earnings based on content usage.

In this blog post, we will explore how the new subscription model works, its benefits for content authors, and what it signifies for the future of digital travel guides.

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Understanding the new subscription model

The new subscription model introduced by SmartGuide marks a shift in travel content access and monetization, creating a more comprehensive experience for users while ensuring content creators are rewarded for their contributions. Under this model, subscribers gain access to a wide range of premium content across all destinations within the app. This includes everything from detailed guides and tours, all available for a single subscription fee. The main attraction here is the convenience of content available to users, making it easier for travelers to discover and enjoy a multitude of guided experiences without the need to purchase each guide individually.

Contrasting this, the traditional paid tours and other content options allowed users to buy individual guides or tours for specific destinations. While this model provided flexibility and allowed users to pick and choose based on interest, it could potentially limit exposure to the wide array of valuable content available on the platform. For content authors, the subscription model introduces a new way to earn revenue -  as more subscribers engage with their content, the potential for earnings increases, offering an ongoing income stream rather than a single transaction. This approach encourages the creation of high-quality and engaging content.

What does the new model mean for content authors?

SmartGuide's subscription model presents a nuanced approach for content authors to how their work is distributed and monetized. Under this model, they have the dual advantage of maintaining their content's availability for individual purchase while also having it accessible to a broader audience through premium subscriptions. This structure ensures that authors' existing revenue streams from direct sales are not disrupted. Instead, they stand to gain additional income as their content reaches premium subscribers. The inclusion of all paid content in the subscription service means that more travelers than ever can access premium guides, potentially increasing the visibility and usage of an author's work.

The financial dynamics for content creators within this model are inspired by systems used by platforms like Spotify, where compensation is directly tied to the frequency and volume of content consumption. Here, SmartGuide pledges to allocate a portion of the subscription proceeds to authors, based on how often their content is accessed by subscribers. This revenue-sharing mechanism ensures that they are compensated in proportion to the value their work brings to the platform. Although the share from subscriptions might be smaller on a per-user basis compared to standalone purchases, the overall exposure and volume of accesses can significantly boost earnings.

Subscription model of SmartGuide digital audi guide

              Subscription model of SmartGuide digital audio guide to unlock premium features

Beyond the basics -  Premium subscriber benefits

SmartGuide's premium subscription offers the following features designed for seamless content access to enhance user interactions. Here’s what subscribers can look forward to:

Offline download capabilities: Allows users to download guides and access them without an internet connection.

Ad-free experience: Subscribers enjoy content without any interruptions from advertisements including “Featured” carousels and indicators, and pushed GetYourGuide activities.

Future plans for additional features: 1) AI Chatbot: An interactive tool to provide instant assistance and recommendations. 2) Travel perks: Special offers, deals, and discounts on various travel services. 3) Limited audio: Access to a selection of exclusive audio content designed to augment the travel experience.

AI chatbots in digital audio guide

How premium functionality is enabled?

By default, all destinations have Premium Functionality disabled and can have Paid Content for purchase. This can be changed by:


The subscription model covers all destinations for individual users. With this option, subscribers gain access to premium functionalities across the entire platform, allowing unrestricted access to all paid content available for every destination


Sponsorship introduces a unique way to enable premium functionality, targeting all users within a single destination. This model is particularly beneficial for sponsored destinations where, alongside enabling premium features, a sponsor element is activated to acknowledge the support of the sponsor. This approach not only supplements the visitor’s tours within that destination but also provides visibility for the sponsor.

Private content or private destination

The option for private content or destinations caters specifically to users who have acquired access through a B2B partner, perhaps by purchasing a ticket for a special event or exclusive tour. This access grants premium functionality for that particular destination and unlocks private content designed for these ticket holders, offering a more personalized and exclusive exploration.

Paid content

Purchasing paid content, such as a tour or an experience for a single destination, is another way to access premium features. This method enables premium functionality solely for the content purchased, allowing users to improve their understanding of a specific area or activity with detailed and specialized content, tailored to their interests and preferences.

Activate subscription for a single destination using a deeplink

Lastly, activating a subscription for a single destination using a deeplink, a method provided by partners like RegioJet, offers a focused approach to premium functionality. This technique enables premium access to a selected destination through the use of a specific code and link. However, it is important to note that while this method unlocks premium features for the chosen destination, it does not grant access to additional paid content.

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Content author guidelines for subscription changes

The transition of existing paid content into the subscription service has been handled automatically, ensuring a smooth process for all content creators. However, if they prefer their content not to be included in the subscription, they can opt-out by contacting SmartGuide. SmartGuide will then convert the content into private content, which will not be visible in the app but can be accessed through a link provided directly to visitors who purchase from the authors via their channels. If an author wishes to make this change, they can reach out using the designated contact method provided.

The future of content creation on SmartGuide

As SmartGuide continues to develop, future improvements will include more AI features for content generation and localization. These advancements will provide content creators with powerful tools to create and adapt their material more efficiently. SmartGuide team encourages content creators to embrace these new capabilities, as they offer significant opportunities to boost their content reach and engagement within the platform. By staying informed and adaptable, content authors can fully benefit from the growing SmartGuide model and its expanding suite of features.

SmartGuide digita audio guide

The SmartGuide’s subscription model offers content creators significant advantages, including wider audience reach and consistent revenue generation. It enhances content visibility within the platform, allowing authors to connect with more users. Additionally, premium features available through the subscription can help improve their content quality and attract a more engaged audience. By participating in this model, they can effectively monetize their work and gain increased exposure for their content.

Are you ready to take full advantage of the monetization opportunities within the SmartGuide platform? Log into the content management system now and add more content.