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Travel Businesses Can Boost Revenues With Private Guided Tours

COVID-19 has had an incredibly negative impact on the tourism industry, and travel companies are struggling to make ends meet. You know what they say, though – necessity is the mother of invention. And we have just the solution for traveling companies who are looking to enhance the value for every tourist and boost their revenue – private online tours accessible to every visitor through the SmartGuide mobile app.

The typical traveler is prepared to pay, on average, five Euros a day for information that will enrich their experience, including maps, guidebooks, audio guides, guided tours, etc. This shows that there is a massive market for creating more fulfilling tourist experiences – which is exactly where SmartGuide comes in.

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SmartGuide gives your customers the information they need in a highly convenient, eco-friendly and COVID-19-safe way by providing a private tour option. Rather than your customers exposing themselves to group tours where they could easily risk their health, you can create walking tours with the latest SmartGuide walking tour software. This guide brings your new destination to life by directing customers to the best tourist attractions as well as the sights they want to see.

Every traveler is different. Some people want to see all the famous landmarks a country is famous for, while others would rather go off the beaten track and see the spots where tourists hardly ever go. SmartGuide is the perfect solution because it caters to the specific desires of the user, guaranteeing the kind of trip they have in mind.

Travel Businesses Can Boost Revenues With Private Guided Tours with SmartGuide

Now you can learn how to create an audio guide specific to your market and set yourself apart as you create your own walking tours. While most of the content on SmartGuide is publicly available, you can also publish paid content with a tempting preview of the content that SmartGuide users can only unlock with an activation code or a QR code that comes with their purchase.

You can effectively market this content as part of your offering, with packages like “Now’s your chance to get a 10 Euro ticket per adult, a 5 Euro ticket per kid, and an audio guide for only 5 more Euros!” This could be your life-saving revenue stream with a 100% margin! And once you know how to create an audio guide, you can operate your customized SmartGuides for free, as long as you provide a revenue share to SmartGuide according to volume.

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Why This Walking Tour Software Is A Game-Changer

Some destinations put more emphasis on premium content instead of profit, and SmartGuide gives you the option to reinvest the proceeds from guided sales into perfecting content that is specific to your target audience. For example, you can recruit an authentic local celebrity to do a voice-over, creating a truly exciting experience for your audience!

And if you still want to hold on to your group guided tours, why not simply complement this service with SmartGuide – which is especially useful for foreign tourists? The platform is particularly effective in making any environment accessible to anyone at any time. Oftentimes foreign language tours are very rare which means that many tourists are consistently failing to get a service they want – precisely because they’re not from that country. Now, foreign tourists can easily access the information they’re looking for.

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As a case in point, a tour operator called Prague Bus Tours has introduced self-guided city tours on SmartGuide as their first fully digital product in their portfolio, granting customers a relatively low-cost upsell item when they buy bus tours from them. And if you’re interested in checking out what great paid content looks like, simply take a look at Vienna in our app!

Here are all the benefits to offering SmartGuide as your latest service:

- You can offer a safer, more convenient solution that will convince people it’s worth traveling again.

- You will open up an extensive market by giving foreign tourists an accessible way of exploring their new environment.

- This is a low-cost, time-effective, ready-made solution.

- Customers can now receive a highly personalized tour based on what they want to see the most.

- You can either use the content we have or publish your tailored content.

- You won’t have to worry about any maintenance issues.

- You will become visible on a fast-growing platform, exposing you to more customers.

You can explore off the beaten track with Smart Guide mobile app
Now Is The Time To Innovate

If you’re still not convinced, consider how the tourism industry was hit hardest by the pandemic. In 2020, popular tourist destinations experienced a decrease in international arrivals of one billion compared to 2019. This drastic decrease worldwide also caused a loss of export revenues valued at $1.3 trillion. All of this shows that travel businesses need to come up with new solutions to circumvent the challenge that the pandemic represents. This begins with the smart restart of your travel business with smart guiding technology…

And SmartGuide is just that!

Now you will get:

- Audio stories that are specific to the environment your customers are in

- Over 400 global destinations to choose from

- Personalized recommendations and bookmarks for everything customers want as individuals

- Locally sourced content that will provide your customers with every detail to truly savor the experience.

-A hands-free service when you plug your earphones in your mobile phone

What Are You Waiting For?

Offer SmartGuide as part of your services today and see how much it boosts your revenue!


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