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The success story of Mariánské Lázně | An Award-Winning digital audio guide that engages audiences in three languages

Digital audio guides are making far-reaching positive-impact changes in the tourism sector by enhancing travel experiences through engaging accessible, and personalized exploration. This case study explores the story of Mariánské Lázně, a popular Czech spa town that aimed to attract younger visitors by digitizing its city guide on the SmartGuide platform in 2017. Winning first place in the Golden Coat of Arms competition for innovation in tourism, the digital audio guide of Mariánské Lázně has since seen improvements and success.

With SmartGuide's captivating audio tours, autoplay features, mapped routes, must-see locations, and offline accessibility, visitors are able to explore Mariánské Lázně with ease. In addition, the trilingual audio guides in English, German, and Czech cater to a diverse audience, making the city a popular tourist destination in Europe without language barriers.

This success story highlights the power of technology in making travel experiences enjoyable and accessible for everyone. Digital audio guides like SmartGuide enable visitors to effortlessly explore cities worldwide and uncover hidden treasures they would never find otherwise.

Embracing SmartGuide: Mariánské Lázně's early digital transformation in tourism

Mariánské Lázně, a picturesque spa town in the Karlovy Vary Region of the Czech Republic, is renowned for its curative carbon dioxide springs and amazing 19th-century architecture. Mariánské Lázně was named after the Virgin Mary, and the town's history is closely tied to the Catholic Church. The town's first church was built in the 14th century, actually.

Mariánské Lázně

Boasting an array of parks, gardens, and the iconic Colonnade, this enchanting destination has long attracted visitors seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. Furthermore, the employment of SmartGuide allowed Mariánské Lázně to showcase its attractions through premium audio tours with precise GPS navigation, making it easier for visitors to uncover the town's hidden gems. This digital transformation not only enriched the tourist experience but also increased the town's visibility on social media platforms, attracting a more diverse range of visitors.

By embracing digital technology and winning the prestigious Golden Coat of Arms competition for tourism innovation, Mariánské Lázně demonstrated its commitment to staying ahead of the curve.  SmartGuide played a pivotal role in the destination's success, contributing to its recognition and positioning as a leader in the field.

Mariánské Lázně is well-connected by three important railway lines: Prague–Cheb, Plzeň–Karlovy Vary, and Františkovy Lázně–Bohumín, making it easily accessible to travelers from near and far. 

The town's romantic atmosphere and unique architecture have long enchanted visitors who explore the area on foot along its numerous walking trails. Home to notable personalities such as Werner Stark, Eduard Petiška, Peter Hofmann, Alex Čejka, and Jakub Flek, Mariánské Lázně boasts a vibrant cultural scene that complements its natural beauty.

By implementing SmartGuide and targeting younger tourists, Mariánské Lázně has successfully broadened its appeal and solidified its status as a must-visit European destination and spa. The adoption of SmartGuide, already in 2017, has not only modernized the town's tourism offerings but also paved the way for other tourist attractions to follow suit in promoting regional tourism through digitization and new technology.

Mariánské Lázně on SmartGuide app

Overcoming challenges and modernizing tourism: Mariánské Lázně's innovative approach with SmartGuide

As the tourism industry evolves, destinations must adapt to remain competitive and appealing. Mariánské Lázně faced several challenges, necessitating innovative solutions such as interactive multimedia experiences, adoption of sustainable practices, and offline features to revitalize its image and meet the demands of modern visitors. By partnering with SmartGuide, the town successfully addressed these challenges, setting an example for many destination management organizations (DMOs), travel businesses, tourist destinations, tour operators, and tourism boards.

1. Mariánské Lázně struggled to draw young visitors, who often seek dynamic, interactive experiences.

Solution: By digitizing the city guide on the SmartGuide platform, Mariánské Lázně offers a modern, engaging way for young visitors to explore the town, accompanied by autoplay audio and mapped routes.

2. With a diverse range of international tourists, language barriers hindered visitors' ability to fully appreciate the town's rich history and attractions.

Solution: The trilingual audio guide (English, German, and Czech) provided by SmartGuide eliminates language barriers, allowing visitors from different parts of the world to enjoy a seamless experience.

3. Some lesser-known attractions were overshadowed by the town's more famous sites, limiting the overall visitor experience.

Solution: SmartGuide highlights both must-see locations and hidden treasures with its user-friendly interface and geolocation capabilities, enabling visitors to discover unique aspects of Mariánské Lázně that they might have otherwise missed.

SmartGuide revolutionalized Mariánské Lázně

4. Visitors often struggle with unreliable internet connections, obstructing their ability to access information while exploring the town.

Solution: SmartGuide's offline functionality, including offline maps & navigation, allows visitors to download the guide and access it without internet connectivity, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience while exploring their destination.

5. Conventional guided tours could not cater to individual preferences, leading to less engaging experiences.

Solution: The immersive self-guided tours provided by SmartGuide empower visitors to explore at their own pace, personalizing their experience and fostering a deeper connection with the town. 

By partnering with SmartGuide, Mariánské Lázně has successfully revitalized its tourism offerings and broadened its appeal, particularly among younger demographics. The town's transformation serves as an inspiration for other destinations seeking to enhance their visitor experience and remain competitive in today's dynamic travel industry.

Digitization of a destination: SmartGuide implementation in Mariánské Lázně

The process of implementing SmartGuide in Mariánské Lázně marked an important moment in the town's tourism landscape, leading to a more engaging and accessible visitor experience.

To begin the implementation, SmartGuide collaborated closely with local stakeholders, including Destination Management Organizations (DMOs), tourist attractions, and tourism business owners. By gathering valuable insights from these partners, SmartGuide ensured that the platform accurately reflected both the town's rich history and its hidden gems.

One challenge faced during the implementation was incorporating the various narratives, historical information, and unexplored aspects of the town into the digital guide. SmartGuide overcame this challenge by working with local experts and historians to curate accurate and engaging content tailored to different types of visitors.

Attract and engage more individual travelers with SmartGuide

Additionally, SmartGuide's Content Management System (CMS) enables content creators to easily update and manage information on the platform, ensuring that visitors have access to the most accurate and up-to-date content about Mariánské Lázně's attractions. This dynamic approach to content management enhances the overall visitor experience and provides a reliable source of information for tourists.

Another challenge faced by SmartGuide during its implementation in Mariánské Lázně was the need to ensure the platform's compatibility with different operating systems and devices, as visitors use a wide range of smartphones and tablets. To address this issue, SmartGuide has optimized its app for both Android and iOS platforms, taking into consideration the specific requirements and technical constraints of each system. By doing so, SmartGuide ensured that a larger audience of visitors could access and benefit from the app, regardless of their device type or operating system, ultimately enhancing the overall experience and reach of the platform.

SmartGuide, leading digital audio guide platform transformed Mariánské Lázně

Elevating the visitors’ experience: SmartGuide's impact on Mariánské Lázně tourism

The introduction of SmartGuide in Mariánské Lázně has played a significant role in fostering deeper connections between tourists and the town. Barbora Tinterova, from CITY TOURISM BUREAU, Mariánské Lázně, shared her enthusiasm for the platform: "We first digitized the guide to our city on the SmartGuide platform in 2017 and we immediately won first place in the Golden Coat of Arms competition with it, which recognizes innovations in tourism. Since then, the application has improved even further and everything works perfectly."

Bring your travel content to life with SmartGuide's free content management system

SmartGuide's adaptability is fostering a sense of community among visitors, locals, and businesses. This increased engagement leads to a more authentic experience while supporting the town's economy and cultural preservation.


The success story of Mariánské Lázně's collaboration with SmartGuide demonstrates the immense potential of technology to improve tourism experiences. By integrating innovative digital solutions, travel becomes more enjoyable, accessible, and personalized for visitors. This transformation has positively impacted destination management organizations (DMOs), tourist boards, and tour operators of various regions and countries.

By leveraging the power of digital audio guides like SmartGuide, destinations around the world can take their tourism industry to new heights, such as Mariánské Lázně. SmartGuide not only enhances the visitor experience but also provides valuable insights for destination marketing organizations, tourism boards, and tourism businesses.

If you are eager to boost your destination's tourism appeal, let's talk and discuss how SmartGuide can help you drive success.