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RegioJet: Unlocking the benefits of digital audio guides with SmartGuide

The digital audio guides are revolutionizing tourism and transport services, paving the way for unique and next-level travel experiences. One of the finest examples is the cooperation of RegioJet and SmartGuide. The leading private Czech provider of passenger rail and bus transport provides its customers with premium digital audio tour guides to the destination they travel to through its partnership with SmartGuide, the innovative creator of digital audio guide services. Together, they have reimagined travel experiences for 37 destinations, offering customers the perfect blend of comfort and exploration.

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RegioJet's seamless integration of SmartGuide into their reservation system has transformed the way travelers discover new places. With immersive stories at their fingertips, passengers can now uncover the hidden gems of their destination at their own pace, all while enjoying the luxurious amenities of RegioJet's transport services. Seasonal campaigns, such as the ongoing collaboration providing Regiojet passengers with premium guides to Croatia, the popular European summer destination, add an extra layer of excitement, providing special tours exclusively for RegioJet customers.

This in-depth case study shows the benefits of integrating digital audio guides into travel experiences and how RegioJet's proactive approach to customer satisfaction has made exploring visitors’ favorite destinations easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

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All aboard the RegioJet express: Redefining European travel with SmartGuide’s innovation and unparalleled services

RegioJet has been steadily gaining popularity across Europe, thanks to its exceptional service and commitment to customer satisfaction. Catering to millions of passengers annually, RegioJet offers a unique travel experience that sets it apart from other brands operating in the same market. Here is how Regiojet is transforming transport services in Europe:

Tailored comfort and convenience

As a transport provider, RegioJet plays a significant role in connecting travelers throughout Europe, offering a variety of classes of services to suit every budget and preference. From Economy to Business Class, each option ensures a comfortable and enjoyable journey from start to finish. With customer-oriented features like free Wi-Fi, complimentary refreshments, and ample legroom, RegioJet is redefining the concept of luxury travel for the masses. 

RegioJet's luxurious buses and express trains

RegioJet also offers luxurious buses for travel around Europe with features such as Fun&Relax and Eko Standard. Their express trains provide superior comfort at great prices, allowing passengers to choose their preferred comfort class. Additionally, RegioJet offers luxury yellow buses for rent for the company or private events or trips anywhere in Europe.

Diverse customer base

Current and potential customers of RegioJet include passengers who want to travel around Europe with modern trains and buses with superb on-board services, those who want to travel at the lowest price with low-cost class options, and those who desire comfort at a low price with modern, comfortable train cars and full service during the journey. RegioJet also caters to passengers willing to pay for standing tickets in the event there are no free seats on the train, as well as those who want to enjoy luxurious buses with comfort, fun, and relaxation.

Innovative collaboration with SmartGuide

The company's innovative spirit extends beyond its transport services, as evidenced by the integration of SmartGuide, a digital audio guide service, into RegioJet's reservation system. This collaboration adds extra value to passengers' trips, allowing them to explore their destination at their own pace while listening to immersive stories about local attractions.

Upon booking a ticket with RegioJet, passengers are introduced to the SmartGuide service as an added value to their journey. Available for 37 destinations, customers can access the digital audio guides through a seamless process and add a digital guide to their ticket, making it easier than ever to plan their sightseeing adventures.

Seasonal campaigns and special tours 

In addition to the digital audio guides, RegioJet and SmartGuide have taken their collaboration a step further by introducing seasonal campaigns that feature special tours tailored for RegioJet customers. Examples of these unique offerings include the ongoing summer campaign focusing on Croatia or the Advent campaign, which showcased Christmas tours around various European metropoles.

By combining unparalleled service with cutting-edge technology, RegioJet continues to set new benchmarks in the European travel industry, ensuring that its customers enjoy a truly unforgettable journey.

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Navigating challenges with innovation: How SmartGuide empowered RegioJet to improve customer experience

As RegioJet aimed to elevate its passengers' travel experience, it faced several challenges. However, the partnership with SmartGuide provided efficient solutions by leveraging its unique features:

1. Enhancing customer satisfaction of passengers and providing added value to their journey while maintaining convenience and accessibility.

Solution: SmartGuide's digital audio guide services, with its precise GPS-based navigation and easy-to-use interface, offered an innovative way for RegioJet's passengers to enrich their journey. The self-guided tours allowed travelers to independently explore destinations while gaining valuable insights into local attractions and culture. Also, SmartGuide’s content is accessible also to users with hearing or sight impairment.

2. Differentiating Regiojet from its competitors in the European transport market by offering unique and memorable experiences to customers.

Solution: By integrating SmartGuide's premium services, including multilingual content with user interface in over 102 languages, along with location-based storytelling into their reservation system, RegioJet set themselves apart from other transport providers. This collaboration provided a personalized and immersive experience that went beyond traditional travel offerings.

3. Keeping passengers informed and engaged during seasonal campaigns, while ensuring seamless integration with RegioJet's existing systems.

Solution: Links to SmartGuide's digital audio guides, including the guides pertaining to the seasonal campaigns, were integrated into Regiojet’s reservation system (through a set of dedicated deep links and QR codes in the reservation system’s interface as well as in the e-ticket and confirmation email). Not only it captured the attention of future travelers but also ensured smooth access to the content. These digital audio guides keep passengers engaged throughout their journey, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction.

E-ticket from RejioJet that mentions digital audio guides - SmartGuide

4. Managing an increasing demand for personalized travel experiences while maintaining operational efficiency.

Solution: SmartGuide's scalable and customizable platform allows RegioJet to easily offer digital audio guides to new destinations as needed (according to the current Regiojet coverage) and deliver custom content that caters to passengers' diverse preferences. This integration streamlines the process of providing personalized content, ensuring customer satisfaction without compromising operational efficiency.

5. Retaining customer loyalty in a competitive market by continually enhancing the value of RegioJet's services.

Solution: Through the partnership with SmartGuide, RegioJet adds an extra layer of value to its offerings by providing an exclusive digital audio tour guide as part of the travel package. This innovative feature not only enriches the passenger experience but also fosters brand loyalty, as customers recognize the unique benefits of traveling with RegioJet.

By embracing innovation and focusing on customer satisfaction through SmartGuide's unique features, RegioJet continues to set new standards for luxury and convenience in the European travel industry. This collaboration has become a prime example for many other European passenger transport services, but also destination management organizations (DMOs), tour operators, and travel businesses in general, looking for a 360-degree solution for their marketing plan.

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How SmartGuide integrated with RegioJet's reservation system 

The integration of SmartGuide into RegioJet's reservation system has added further value to the travel experience for passengers in Europe. This unique collaboration offers audio guide services for selected destinations, allowing travelers to independently explore their surroundings with captivating narratives that bring each location to life.

To achieve this seamless integration, SmartGuide mapped the content of each destination to an extensive set of deep links and QR codes in four languages, specifically tailored for various channels such as the online reservation system, e-tickets, and confirmation emails. RegioJet then incorporated information about SmartGuide into their website and reservation system, ensuring that customers are informed about the audio guide option during the booking process.

In addition, seasonal campaigns receive special attention, with RegioJet creating dedicated landing pages that highlight SmartGuide's exclusive tours, further enhancing the value of the tickets. These campaigns are also promoted on RegioJet's social media platforms, reaching a wider audience and generating excitement among potential travelers. These seasonal campaigns not only enhance the travel experience but also provide new added value for RegioJet passengers, giving them engaging activities both during the planning stage of their journey (for example on board a bus or train) and while exploring their destination. 

By informing visitors about the digital audio guide option right in the booking interface and in ticket confirmation emails, RegioJet has made it easier than ever for passengers to access SmartGuide's premium services.

This successful collaboration not only elevates the overall travel experience but also demonstrates the power of audio guides in the passenger transportation services sector. 

The positive impact of SmartGuide implementation at RegioJet

With its appropriate location-based content and comprehensive self-guided tours, SmartGuide has added new options for on-board entertainment, providing engaging content that promotes sustainable tourism.

In addition, SmartGuide's GPS navigation and interactive maps ensure that RegioJet passengers can easily navigate their destination without getting lost. 

SmartGuide's innovative approach to travel has transformed traditional passenger experiences by offering a unique digital audio guide service accessible in multiple languages and in offline mode. This feature ensures that travelers from diverse backgrounds can enjoy informative content as they journey across Europe (without spending their mobile data).

By making travel in destinations fun, informative, and engaging, SmartGuide has helped elevate RegioJet's customer experience to new heights. Passengers can now immerse themselves in their destinations' rich history and culture through amusingly informative audio commentary, eliminating the need for bulky travel guides.

Customers have expressed immense satisfaction with the SmartGuide integration, praising the ease of use, depth of information, and the added value it brings to their journey. Premysl Vicha, Commercial director of RegioJet said, "We had over 10,000 passengers adding SmartGuide to their ticket in the first month only. It is amazing that 65% of those who use SmartGuide spend more than 45 minutes in their 1st session." The digital audio guide service has not only enriched their travel experience but also sparked a newfound appreciation for the destinations they visit.

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The RegioJet and SmartGuide collaboration unlocks unforgettable experiences for passengers around Europe. By integrating digital audio guides into their reservation system, RegioJet surpassed competitors, adding more value to customers. SmartGuide's influence extends beyond RegioJet, inspiring other transportation services, destination management organizations, and travel businesses to follow suit. This pioneering approach sets a new benchmark for the tourism industry, paving the way for more innovative and collaborative travel experiences.

Are you ready to revolutionize your passengers' travel experiences? Explore partnership opportunities with SmartGuide and elevate your services to new heights. Don't wait – contact us today and let's embark on this exciting journey together!